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Netley Court Festive Activity Bag Giveaway

which are for any person in the community who would like or would benefit from receiving one. They are Dementia friendly and can come with or without a ‘Twiddlemuff’. If you know of any person/persons in your community who would like one or more please get in touch with Kathryn Duffell at the Care Home via email or phone (see below) who will advise when & where to collect them. They are not restricting the number of bags so if you would like more than one, please let her know.

The Activity bag contains, a 12 piece puzzle, a maze game, a stress ball, an adult colouring book, colour pencils, a 12” Teddy bear (very cute and soft😊) 2 more activity books, and a ‘Twiddlemuff’ (if needed) and as it is the festive season a box of mince pies. The bag is also a ‘bag for life’ and can be folded to fit into a handbag or a pocket.

You can also go to the Netley Court Facebook page where you can nominate your friends or neighbours to receive one, so hopefully they will be able to help out in the community as best as they can.


Some of you may be aware of the new Podcast initiative at Netley Court. They would really like to interview as many like-minded people as they can who deliver care/resources and products to the elderly in our community. The Podcast chats are aimed at being friendly and light-hearted and hopefully easy to listen to but it does give everyone a chance to showcase what they do as well.

The podcast is listened to by the Care Home residents as well as it is so important that they remain feeling and being a part of the community. Currently the are interviewing staff members and Residents and hopefully family members as well but the more diverse we go the more interesting we hope it will become.

Please feel free to make suggestions or offer yourself up😊. It takes about an hour of your time and we can conduct the interviews remotely during these times.

This is the link for the first one:

Kathryn can be contacted on 023 8045 0320 or by email at:

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