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Save Tall Ship Tenacious

The only accessible tall ship in the world, built in Southampton and sailed by mixed ability crews.

The JST charity that owned SV Tenacious stopped trading in December and the ship is now for sale. This was devastating news for all supporters of SV Tenacious. If she is lost, people with disabilities and long-term health conditions will never be able to experience the life changing benefits of sailing a square rig tall ship. Tenacious is the only tall ship in the world that provides this opportunity.

A community of UK wide supporters have come together to try and save SV Tenacious. Our purpose is to raise the profile of Tenacious, her unique status as the only tall ship in the world, built and sailed by disabled and non-disabled crew and the impact she has had on so many lives. A website, social media account and a petition have been created and contact made with MP’s and media outlets like the Scene to tell the story of this special ship. A prospectus for an alternative, sustainable operating model for Tenacious is being created.

Please help us tell the world about this very special ship and save her for future crews.

Please find more information at:

Thank you for your support.

Southampton Tenacious supporters

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