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Eastleigh Bin Calendar 2020/21

Bin calendars went online in autumn 2019 in a drive to modernise Council processes and provide a more personalised service. As a result, a reduction of at least 55,000 sheets of paper has been achieved so far in the Borough.

There are two online options to access bin collection dates - nearly 15,000 residents have already signed up to emailed weekly reminders of their collection dates and you can also view and save them on your device/computer (and print if you wish) 24/7. We will continue to support those with no online access at all.

You can sign up to receive bin collection reminders now and access your year's worth of 2020/21 collection dates from Friday 2 October. The simple options are detailed below and have replaced the printed calendars:

Create a MyEastleigh online account to view your collection dates as well as sign up to receive emailed bin reminders the afternoon before your expected collection. You can check your collection dates 24/7, wherever you are and be reminded without the need for a calendar.

Your MyEastleigh account also gives you access to check your Council Tax and Housing Benefit accounts, view planning applications near to you, sign up to Your Weekly Borough News email and more...

Option two allows you to view and save your collection dates as well as print them off, but you cannot set up bin reminders. You will be able to print off collection dates as far as the end of November 2020.

If a resident has no online access, then they can contact our Customer Service Centre who will be able to discuss options with you depending on your circumstances.

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