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Could you write a short story that makes the lockdown more bearable?

An appeal to all storytellers to create a work that will bring a smile to the face of residents who are being hit hardest by the coronavirus lockdown has been issued by Eastleigh Borough Council’s Arts and Culture team.

Through its Tell Us A Story project, the team, who operate The Point and The Berry Theatres, is asking aspiring authors of all ages - from complete novices to people who are experienced creative writers - to come up with a short story that brings some hope, humour and happiness into the lives of people who are feeling most alone during this difficult time.

The stories will be delivered to vulnerable and older people living in the Borough, providing an entertaining distraction from their self-isolation and helping them feel connected with their fellow residents.

Storytellers of all ages and abilities are invited to create a work that should cover no more than one side of A4 paper. There are categories for adults and children. The Arts & Culture team have provided handy hints and tips, including guidance from famous writers, such as Kurt Vonnegut.

The Council’s Cabinet Member for Social Policy, Councillor Tina Campbell, said: “Despite the lockdown, our talented Arts and Culture team are still fulfilling their mission of keeping the Borough entertained and inspired and helping residents unlock their own creativity while at home. The Tell Us A Story project will provide some light relief to vulnerable people suffering the effects of self-isolation. We’re really looking forward to reading the stories.”

Creative Learning and Participation Manager at the venues, Caz Creagh, said: “Tell Us a Story is about much more than writing. This is an opportunity to support our community in a simple creative way, making someone smile, encouraging a new train of thought, or prompting a conversation away from the difficult day-to-day. Please consider spending a short time exploring your own imagination, put words on a page and help us brighten someone’s day.”

To find out more and submit a story, potential authors should please visit

- and look out for the hashtag #ConnectionPoint.

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