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Tudor Shipping, Seafarers and Trade in the Southampton Area

Hamble Local History Society

Craig Lambert, Professor in Maritime History at Southampton University, previously gave a very popular and successful talk to the Society about Henry V’s Ships that were based in the Southampton area. The Society is pleased that he will be giving another talk on his latest research about Tudor shipping in our area during Queen Elizabeth I reign. In particular his talk entitled ‘Shipping, Seafarers and Trade: Southampton and its Associated Ports, 1565-1580’ will focus on the shipping and trade of the ports and settlements that are located on Southampton Water, including Hamble.

Since the early middle ages Southampton, and the clusters of coastal settlements located on Southampton Water, had been important trading places. The accessibility of Southampton Water with its double tide ensured Southampton ships were active in luxury goods, wine and wool trades. By the late middle ages it has been suggested that trade from the port of Southampton had declined.

Craig will use evidence from a new project based at the University of Southampton to reconstruct the merchant fleet of Southampton and its associated ports over the period 1565-1585. He will describe the trading patterns of Southampton and other local ports: where did ships sail to, and how often did they undertake overseas voyages. As the shipmasters are also named in the records Craig will also discuss the careers of several shippers from Southampton and other places.

This meeting will be at the Roy Underdown Pavilion on 5 September at 7.30pm. New members and visitors are always welcomed! The cost is £2 a meeting.

If you would like more information please contact the Society’s Secretary, Janet Flack, telephone 8045 7189.

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