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100 years of Hamble River Sailing Club

This year is the centenary of Hamble River Sailing Club and the Society has arranged for its Chairman, Ian Underdown, to give an illustrated talk on its history in recognition of this important occasion for HRSC. New research has uncovered its full story and there can be very few sailing clubs that can boast such a successful history.

The Club was formed just after the First World War and by the 1960s was one of the premier dinghy sailing clubs in the country. In 1972 six of the 13-man Olympic sailing team were club members of which two brought back medals. Members have included people that have played a significant role in the boating industry such as the country’s top boat designers, leading mast manufacturers and sailmakers.

To accompany this talk a new booklet entitled ‘Hamble River Sailing Club 1919 - 2019’ has been written with over 40 pictures and will be first available at this meeting at the cost of only £3. After this you will be able to buy one from the Post Office at Coronation Parade, Blue Bijou in the Square or Hamble River Sailing Club.

Why not come along to the Roy Underdown Pavilion on Thursday 6th June at 7.30pm to be amazed and fascinated by this pictorial history of HRSC. As usual new members and visitors are welcome and HRSC current and former members are particularly welcomed! Our meeting fee is just £2. If you would like more information please contact our secretary, Janet Flack, telephone 8045 7189.

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