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South coast artists work together to support young carers during pandemic

Artists across the south coast are working to raise funds to help YMCA Fairthorne Group support young carers through the current crisis and beyond.

A group of artists from the Isle of Wight who kicked off this project are already joined by artists from as far as Devon and Cornwall as the first to offer work to raise money in aid of YMCA, a community charity working across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

The Artists for YMCA project aims to raise upwards of £50,000 in order to make a difference to the lives of young people taking on a caring role, with artists offering commissions and existing work in return for donations to the charity.

Trudie Augustus-Harris from YMCA Isle of Wight Young Carers service said “Projects such as Artists for YMCA can really make a difference to young carers’ lives. Every donation made in return for an artwork will help us to ensure young carers as young as 5 years old have access to the support they need beyond this difficult period.”

One of many artists contributing to the initiative is Cornwall-based Royal Academy and BP Portrait Award exhibitor Tim Hall RSMA, who is offering a portrait commission with all funds going to YMCA, as well as donating 50 percent of the sale of a selection of existing marine works to the charity.

Devon-based painter Zoe Hyde SWAc, whose work has been exhibited internationally, is another artist who will contribute to the 50/50 initiative. Hyde’s joyful and colourful work may appear abstract at first, but layered and autobiographical imagery adds depth and interest.

Scottish-born artist Nick Martin, who is now resident on the Isle of Wight, specialises in portraiture whilst continuing to teach at local arts centre Quay Arts, and is offering one of his intricate oil paintings with 50% going to the charity.

Isle of Wight resident Jeremy Gully, a portrait painter himself, who is promoting the project said: “There is some fantastic work available in a wide price range from £100 to £4,000. Buyers can indulge themselves with a clear conscience knowing 50% to 100% of the price goes to the charity. The artists can make sales and new contacts whilst knowing they are doing good.”

“YMCA has made many young lives better, that is what they are good at, but this year is going to be especially hard. This project is just artists doing what they do best to help. Do have a look at the website Or follow us on face book at is .

The YMCA has worked in the south coast for more than 100 years, supporting local children, young people, families and communities through opportunities to lead happy and healthy lives. Each year they work with more than 40,000 people at their 20+ locations across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

This is just the beginning of the project but donations and commissions are already coming in via Charity Checkout at

To find out more about YMCA Fairthorne Group visit

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