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Free online business workshops

A free online business school for business owners and people that are looking to start-up a company in Eastleigh Borough is being promoted by the Council. It offers a range of useful courses and runs from Monday to Friday 7-11 December.Spaces for the acclaimed online business event will be available to book up until the final Friday.

The Council have partnered with the hugely popular PopUp Business School to help people in the area to get their ideas off the ground. Designed to inspire people and help them find the confidence to try their ideas, the PopUp Business School will run online for a week and is aimed at everyone, from people with no business experience to new start-ups that need guidance to keep on track.

Subjects include social media, marketing, tax and transacting online. These events are led by successful entrepreneurs and professionals and attract many aspiring business owners.

Cabinet Member for Economy, Councillor Derek Pretty, said: “We’re committed to promoting prosperity in the Borough and giving additional support to our businesses. During this challenging time, we’re really pleased to be able to offer this great opportunity for individuals and owners of small start-up businesses. Attendees will gain free training and advice to help them get their ideas off the ground. Many businesses across the Borough have been badly affected by the pandemic so this free online business school could be a great help to new and struggling businesses.”

The week will consist of the following training sessions;

Monday - How to Start a Business for Free and The Quickest Way to Start a Business. Tuesday - Sales and the Dark Art of Marketing and Growing your Business Quickly. Wednesday - How to Make a Great Website for Free and Building Websites & How to Take Online Payments Thursday - Social Media Explained and How to Find your Customers Online Friday - The Legal Bit: Taxes and Company Structure and The 12 PopUp Principles & Finale.

Business owners and aspiring business owners are invited to attend the sessions free of charge and are encouraged to spread the word to fellow entrepreneurs from across the Borough of Eastleigh.

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