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Every Corner story campaign to help residents get through pandemic

In a drive to promote kindness and awareness of how other people are experiencing the coronavirus Eastleigh Borough Council is urging residents to be in everyone’s corner - and not in their way.

The Council has launched the second phase of the Everyone’s Corner campaign to encourage Borough residents to share their pandemic stories to help others. This might be by raising awareness through shared experiences or supporting others to not feel alone in those experiences.

The campaign focuses on those who have been anxious, self-isolating or shielding due to physical or mental health. It encourages everyone to be in other people’s corners as well as their own.

Themes look to encourage residents to think twice, be kind, be patient and give others space, by questioning: ‘do you really know who’s behind a mask’, ‘many health conditions are invisible’ and ‘everyone’s living a different pandemic’.

This second phase has been inspired by the story of a local resident, mum, wife and community volunteer (throughout the first lockdown) who had been having cancer treatment and was therefore on the shielding list. Campaign messaging was largely built around this shielding mum’s experience and with her inspiring input.

If residents wish to share other useful resources or their own story, they can add these to the campaign using the hashtag #EveryonesCorner, or by emailing

The Council’s Cabinet Member for Health, Councillor Tonia Craig, said: “We continue to ensure the most vulnerable members of the community supported. The pandemic has been a challenge for all of us and sometimes we do need a reminder to think twice. We hope residents are encouraged to continue sharing their stories to help the campaign thrive"

To learn more about the campaign:

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