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EBC Mayor and Deputy Mayor to serve a second year

The Mayor of Eastleigh Cllr Darshan Mann and Deputy Mayor Cllr Cynthia Garton will both serve a second term in their respective roles until May 2021 in the light of the ongoing uncertainty over the Coronavirus crisis.

The Council’s Annual General Meeting and Mayor Making ceremony was due to be held in May 2020 but given the current situation this will now not take place with regulations already in place to remove the requirement for Councils to hold an Annual General Meeting.

Council Leader Keith House said, “The end of the current Mayoral year and the beginning of the new Mayoral year will both be affected by the coronavirus crisis with many events and activities now not taking place. This decision allows Darshan to complete his full year as Mayor and also allows Cynthia to experience both the Mayor Making ceremony and to also enjoy her full year as Mayor.”

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