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Royal Victoria Railway

Open every day for the summer holidays from 21st July to 2nd September

​The programme of improvements at Piccadilly is now complete and not only does this include new wooden cladding to protect our engine shed from the prevailing sea winds and new iron fencing to smarten up the appearance of the entrance to the station and trains. A new water crane has now been added opposite the engine shed so that steam locomotives can top up their boilers before taking trains out. Repairs to the fencing at Chapel Road station have now been completed.

Trains are usually worked by one of our diesel hydraulic locomotives and ‘’Western Empress’’ now looks very smart after the completion of the winter schedule of repairs and a repaint. Steam locomotives are used from time to time when sufficient qualified staff are available to prepare and drive these iconic locomotives.

The railway is open every weekend and daily for the summer holidays from 21st July to 2nd September, normally from 11am to 4pm. Fares are £1.75 adult return and £1.25 child return. Please note that cards aren’t taken and so the fares are cash only. Check the website for the latest information.

Those arriving at the railway by car are asked to note the new arrangements for paying for parking which uses barrier control and automatic number plate recognition with payments made prior to departure at one of the pay stations. Any questions on this should be addressed to The Royal Victoria Country Park and not to the Railway. #RoyalVictoriaRailway

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