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Think Local, Act Local, Source Local

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Launching September 2020


Source Local is the new annual business directory from Scene Media. As the name suggests, its aim is to help people find and use local businesses and support the local community. 

Those advertising in Source Local will reach a mix of up to 21,500 homes and businesses across the area listed above and shown on the map overleaf. Advertisers should be either based within the distribution area or just outside. By staying local, businesses can reduce costs, save time travelling and help reduce CO2 emissions.

To help it stand out, the new directory will have a high quality feel with a gloss laminated cover. Its size will be B5 which is larger than many A5 magazines you may have seen around. 

By making it a valuable resource, readers are encouraged to keep it for the year and refer to it when looking for local services or goods.


Distribution starts at the end of September each year and is carried out by GPS tracked professional teams. It will also be made available to view online at


We have deliberately kept rates as low as possible to make sure everyone can afford to be in it. For less than 1p per address delivered you can have a quarter page advert in Source Local


Call or email us now to find out how you can be in the 2020-2021 issue. Click on the  Contact Us tab above.

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