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JST Tall Ship Tenacious safely back home

The Jubilee Sailing Trust Tall Ship Tenacious arrived back in U.K. waters in April after what will be remembered as a very different voyage !! The crew have so many memories and not least will be the return to a ‘new normality’ after having been in a ‘bubble’ while at sea for several weeks over 3739 miles. 

Tenacious, with her mixed ability volunteers and permanent crew, left Antigua 11th March bound transatlantic towards the Greek islands. However, due to the Covid19 situation any thoughts of the warm Mediterranean were soon replaced by news that the ship would instead be heading back to the U.K. 

After a short stop for fuel and supplies at Ponta Delgada in the Azores, where no shore leave was allowed, they sailed north to Cobh in southern Ireland delivering a group of young Irish trainees to a warm welcome from their concerned parents. All had to keep a social distance, a totally new experience for these young people. 

The next land fall was a berth at Barry in Wales from where the remainder of the crew made their way home. 

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