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Help keep Bursledon Windmill's sails turning

For over 200 years, Bursledon Windmill’s sails have turned over the village of Bursledon. Unlike many windmills built in the Victorian era, which featured cast-iron machinery, Bursledon Windmill, which is operated by charity Hampshire Cultural Trust, is a rare surviving example of a traditional tower mill with timber machinery.

Today, Bursledon Windmill is as much a symbol of local pride as it has been throughout its history, providing for the local community, supporting farmers and allowing villagers to mill their own flour. Surrounded by woodland, the windmill is more than just a local landmark: its ethos of supporting local people continues, providing a tranquil, safe space for visitors and residents to come together.

In May of this year, it will be 30 years since the windmill opened its doors to visitors, following major refurbishment work undertaken by Hampshire Buildings Preservation Trust.

Now the windmill faces a new challenge. The wear and tear that comes with being a working windmill has led to the stocks and sails being removed. Hampshire Cultural Trust is launching a campaign to raise money to support the vital work of repairing or replacing the stocks and sails so that they can be reinstated and the windmill can get back into full working order.

David Plunkett of Hampshire Building Preservation Trust commented, ‘Age and the ravages of the weather have taken their toll and repairs are now needed to get the sails turning once again. The Hampshire Building Preservation Trust support the worthy efforts of Hampshire Cultural Trust in progressing the fund-raising and repairs.’

With the public’s support, staff and volunteers at Bursledon Windmill will continue to keep local heritage accessible and open to everyone, sharing heritage skills and techniques.

More information about Hampshire Cultural Trust’s campaign to keep Bursledon Windmill’s sails turning, ensuring this community treasure will be protected and restored for generations to come, is available at

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