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Hamble anti-aircraft gun to move while emplacement surveyed

The Word War 2 anti-aircraft gun overlooking the beach at Hamble Point will be removed next month while the concrete emplacement that supports it is surveyed.

From Monday (1 February) part of the adjoining car park will be closed and fenced off to allow the work on a new plinth to take place.

Damage caused by years of buffeting by tides and wind, and undercutting by the sea, means the original gun emplacement structure has been breaking up and there was a very real risk of collapse.

The gun emplacement’s wartime role was to guard the approach to Southampton and protect nearby oil terminals. The historic 40mm Bofors anti-aircraft gun will be stored within the car park whilst the survey is carried out. The car park will be fully closed when the gun is shifted.

The Bursledon, Hamble-le-Rice & Hound Local Area Committee has been working in partnership with Historic England to ensure the gun has an appropriate setting.

Councillor Tonia Craig, who chairs the Bursledon, Hamble-le-Rice & Hound Local Area Committee, said: “The Bofors gun at Hamble Point is an important part of the area’s wartime heritage and a real point of interest for visitors. The Local Area Committee was keen that work got under way to rescue it from damage by the tides and we are grateful to Historic England for their support.”

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