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Eastleigh Borough Council urges business owners to adhere to Government’s new legislation

Restaurants, shops and cinemas are among the businesses that have been forced to close during the COVID-19 outbreak after new legislation was brought in as part of the Government’s strategy to prevent the spread of the virus. The new rules state that many businesses across the Borough must now close and remain closed until further notice.

Some of the businesses affected include; restaurants, bars, clubs, cafes, pubs, cinemas, theatres and museums. There are some exceptions, such as the provision of takeaway food and essential services like pharmacies and food retail.  A full list of the venues that will remain closed for the foreseeable future can be found here:

For people who own or operate a business affected by these changes the Government will be putting in place a comprehensive compensation package, details of this package will be made available on the Council website when they are announced.

Officers from Eastleigh Borough Council and Hampshire Trading Standards will be actively enforcing these regulations.  This will include dealing with any complaints, undertaking monitoring and observation of businesses and taking any further enforcement action as necessary to ensure compliance.

If you are aware of any premises within Eastleigh Borough that you suspect is not closed as required, you can report this by emailing with the name and address of the business and the time at which you witnessed it open.

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