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Council objects to Cemex application on Hamble Airfield

Eastleigh Borough Council has objected to the application made by Cemex to extract minerals from Hamble Airfield and has asked Hampshire County Council’s (HCC) Regulatory Committee to refuse permission as part of its response to HCC’s consultation.

The Council has gone further and formally requested that HCC removes the Hamble Airfield as an allocated site for minerals extraction from the Hampshire Minerals and Waste Plan.

The Council received notification on 18 January 2022 of an application by Cemex to extract minerals from the former Hamble Airfield site, which is allocated in the Hampshire

Authorities’ Hampshire Minerals and Waste Plan (HMWP) 2013 as a site for sharp sand and gravel extraction. On 3 March Bursledon Hamble and Hound (BHH) Local Area Committee agreed the objections in the report and the Council has submitted this as the first part of the Council’s response to HCC’s consultation.

Chair of Bursledon Hamble and Hound Local Area Committee Cllr Tonia Craig said, “The Council has played a leading role for a decade alongside local residents, residents’ groups, local businesses and Bursledon, Hound and Hamble-le-Rice Parish Councils, in objecting to these proposals to extract minerals from the former Hamble Airfield site.”

She added, “The Council has a range of objections to this application on the grounds of affecting the local economy, traffic congestion, pollution and detrimental ecological effects. Over the last 10 years there has been considerable change in traffic movements, school attendances, the location of local health services and government policy relating to climate change and methods of construction. These changes amplify and build upon our objections made in 2012, and provide evidence both that the current application is inappropriate and that the site allocation should be deleted from the HMWP at the earliest opportunity.”

This Cemex application has been submitted to, and will be determined by, Hampshire County Council.

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