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Exploring Bursledon

In 1990, Bursledon Rights of Way & Amenities Preservation Group (BROWAPG)was formed to preserve existing rights of way and natural amenities. The production of a leaflet to enable local people and visitors to discover Bursledon’s rich and varied history by walking its footpaths twenty years later was in line with the aims of the group.

An updated leaflet is now available. It consists of a map of Bursledon on one side, listing and showing the existing 27 public rights of way and the landmarks to be seen along the routes. In addition, 5 walks, of an hour’s duration each, have been included to take walkers to Bursledon Windmill, to the River Hamble Country Park, Woodland Park and Great Down Park and to enjoy Bursledon’s heritage and wild life. The map also shows the Strawberry Trail in Bursledon.

On the reverse side, the walks are described in words, so there is no chance of getting lost! The leaflet encourages families to get out and about discovering the extent of their village, and the range of available walking opportunities - just the ticket for the upcoming school holiday. It may be downloaded from BROWAPG’s website and it is available from the Lowford Community Library and all community buildings in Bursledon. It’s good to walk!

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