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£18 million on its way to support Hampshire’s independent care homes

Following the announcement by Government on 14 May of an extra £600 million in funding to support England’s independent care home sector during the coronavirus pandemic, Hampshire County Council has moved quickly to ensure the county’s care homes receive their £18.4million share.

Tasked by Government to allocate the funding, the County Council is distributing the money in two tranches, with nearly 90 per cent set to arrive Friday, 29 May. Of this, approximately three-quarters will be allocated based on the number of beds within individual homes, with a further distribution to those homes most significantly impacted by the virus – primarily smaller, family-run businesses.

Councillor Liz Fairhurst, Executive Member for Adult Social Care and Health said: “We have been in regular communication with the county’s care homes throughout the pandemic and have worked hard to provide as much support as possible, but there is no doubt that the challenges wrought by responding to the virus, have stretched even the most resilient of care providers.

“We therefore welcome this additional financial support from Government, but this does not mask the ever more pressing need for a sustainable, long term funding solution for our sector.

“I am very proud indeed of the way County Council officers have worked so quickly and so collaboratively with the wider sector to get this money as quickly as possible to where it is needed most – in the direct support of our most vulnerable adults and their carers.”

The additional national funding is to be used to support care homes looking after all client groups, not just the elderly, to maintain high standards of infection control, helping reduce the risks of COVID-19 transmission.

The remaining 10 per cent will be used to fund emergency personal protective equipment (PPE) supplies, and other emergency support that may be required.

This additional Government funding follows the recent annual increase in the amount the Local Authority pays in fees to the care organisations from whom it commissions care. On top of this, a further 10 per cent is being paid on a temporary basis in recognition of the challenges providers face.

In Hampshire, there are around 13,500 beds across almost 500 care homes.

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