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Free online business school for start-up businesses in the Borough

Entrepreneurs in the Borough of Eastleigh are being offered free places on an acclaimed workshop to turn their hobbies and dreams into businesses.

Eastleigh Borough Council have partnered with the hugely popular PopUp Business School to help people in the area to get their ideas off the ground. The event is being jointly funded by Eastleigh Borough Council and three other authorities in the surrounding areas; Test Valley Borough Council, East Hampshire District Council and New Forest District Council. All four authorities are working cooperatively to help to address employment during the pandemic through a unique enterprise route using PopUp Business School.

Designed to inspire people and help them find the confidence to try their ideas, the PopUp Business School will run online from 7-11 December and is aimed at everyone, from people with no business experience to new start-ups that need guidance to keep on track. The events are led by successful entrepreneurs and professionals and attract many aspiring business owners.

Cabinet Member for Economy, Councillor Derek Pretty, said: “This is a great opportunity for individuals and owners of small start-up businesses to gain free training and advice to help them get their ideas off the ground. Many businesses across the Borough have been badly affected by the pandemic so this free online business school could help some of the smaller start-ups to succeed in this time of uncertainty.”

The online training schedule includes a mix of practical sessions, one-to-one coaching, workshop sessions and local peer support that residents in the Borough can attend from the comfort of their homes.

While the team has a great track record of inspiring new businesses, they also introduce and talk about a range of work-focused skills aimed at helping people improve their job prospects, even if setting up their own business is a step too far.

The PopUp Business School welcomes people of all ages who are thinking about self-employment. Whether at the beginning of their start-up journey, or an already established business looking for new ways to grow and adapt, the course aims to provide the information, inspiration and practical advice to teach individuals how to build and evolve their business.

For more information or to book a free place, visit:

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